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WHO Is Natalie Newhart?

1. Professional Athlete
CrossFit Games competitor, Grid athlete, Olympic lifter,
IFBB Physique competitor, Powerlifter

2. Nutrition Coach
10 years experience of practicing and developing customized nutrition plans for performance, aesthetic and overall wellness goals.

3. Fitness Coach
10 years experience performing and developing customized training programs for various sports:
CrossFit, Grid, Bodybuilding, Olympic Lifting, Action Sports


Nat’s desire to be the best at coaching, performing and competing is what drives her day in and day out. Her belief system and work ethic is strongly based off the Four D’s to success…

She understands and has experienced that:

  • achievement comes in the way of those people who wish from the bottom of their heart (desire);
  • work in a planned manner (discipline);
  • work with an honest devotion (dedication)
  • and the relentless perseverance to carry on the job until the ultimate desire gets fulfilled (determination).

Despite the 40 hours of training she’d put in during a week, her physique and performance did not come easy to her. For most of her CrossFit career, she struggled to find a balance between a physique and strength she was proud of.

It wasn’t until she started bodybuilding as a Physique competitor did she learn and implement some new techniques and strategies to get her the physique she wanted.

She understands the frustration of working so hard at something but not seeing the results you want.

She’s been there.

But she also found the solution to her problems and is motivated to share everything that she has learned over the years so that you don’t have to make the same, time-consuming and discouraging mistakes she’s made.


Natalie’s Coaching Style

Her coaching style is strict, yet encouraging, and informative with what you’re doing, how you’re doing it and why.

She is currently working on becoming a pro physique competitor in the IFBB, with the ultimate goal to qualify for the 2017 Olympia. She lives with her boyfriend in Oregon, and is the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for one of the nation’s top schools for aspiring professional ski, skateboard and snowboard athletes. In her free time, she enjoys skateboarding, snowboarding and racing motocross.

In the end, being fit and constantly pushing her personal mental and physical limits will always be her ultimate passion. She whole-heartedly believes that anything is possible as you long as you want it bad enough and have the determination, dedication and discipline to see it through.

She’s determined to spread her message through her actions and infect others to find their own true potential of greatness.

Natalie’s Core Values

If you’ve ever met me, then you’ve had a taste of who I am. I am driven, I am honest, and I am hardworking. Whether it be training for the CrossFit Games or changing lives through coaching, I am fully dedicated to what I do. I have a passion for nutrition and health, as well as an intense drive to give each customer the best service possible, especially if it means a little tough love. I’m not here to cheerlead your way through life regardless of the effort you put in; I am here to lead you, challenge and inspire you to become the best version of yourself and that means programming yourself to do the hard things when you don’t feel like doing them because you know it will get you to where you want to be.

Below are a list of core values that I live by on a daily basis.


Go the Extra Mile

I always go the extra mile for my clients and my company. I strive to always over-deliver and exceed people’s expectations at everything I do, and I do so with enthusiasm. I strive to WOW people with my outstanding customer service. It’s not just something I say, it’s something I do, and my daily actions reflect this.

Build Positive Relationships

I work to build positive and fun relationships, and I know that the success of my business is built upon this. Quality, positive relationships are what successful businesses and successful people thrive on. Consistently making efforts to build strong relationships with everyone I encounter creates strong bonds and friendships, and ultimately creates lifetime customers and loyalty to the brand.


Always Be Learning

I am always learning and striving to better my knowledge and skillset. I believe in taking the time to learn things on my own to better myself personally and teach them to my clients.  I know that learning is essential to growing and that my personal growth and performance have a direct impact on my clients’ growth and performance.

Accept Responsibility

I always accept full responsibility for my actions and performance. When I identify an issue, I own that issue and see it through to its completion. I don’t shift blame. Nothing I am aware of is ever someone else’s fault; I always take it fully upon myself to make it right.

Take The Initiative

When I see something that needs to be done, I do it. I always take initiative to get tasks done without being asked. I am self-driven and look to constantly push myself forward and do what needs to be done to succeed. I don’t need someone else to hold a carrot in front of me. I find my own carrots and hold them for myself, knowing that improving my services any way I can benefits us all.

Stay Humble

I stay humble and practice humility when it comes to my own progress and accomplishments. I always give credit to others for a job well done, and I accept full responsibility when things go poorly.

Be Disciplined

I am self-motivated to stay on-task and get the job done. I am driven and focused on my clients’ progress. I am strong enough to hold myself accountable, and I can be relied on to consistently get the job done above the set expectation.

Be Selfless

I always give more than I take. I always do the right thing and make my decisions based on what is the morally right thing to do. I don’t seek out personal gain from what I do and the decisions I make, instead I make decisions based on what’s best for my clients and what’s best for the company.


Be Enthusiastic

I am enthusiastic about being a part of my client’s future lives. My enthusiasm and passion for what I do here carries through in everything I do. I understand that being enthusiastic is contagious, and if I am enthusiastic and excited to help my clients, they will reciprocate that excitement about me.



I believe in the big picture, the direction we are all collectively going which is ultimate success and happiness, and doing exactly what needs to be done to get there. I believe in everything that I stand for, including these core values, and live by them relentlessly.  It’s who I am fundamentally at my core.

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