Awkward Sex Positions

Let’s face it! Sex is a two-way street, but Escorts in London do a few things just to please their valued clients. Even though no man wants to have a great time if the woman he’s with isn’t, these escorts are professional and know how to play along. Regardless of the sex acts, you’re doing, men want to know that a woman wants him bad and is enjoying him as much (even when she isn’t). However, did you know that not all sex positions are created equal? Here are five sex positions that London escorts hate.

69 Tops the list

69 must have been made by people who want bodies to fit together in a way they don’t. This sex position requires way too much concentration and multitasking. London escorts want you to go down on each other one at a time because it would be pleasurable having both your mind and attention in one place.

Doggy style

Put simply; it’s uncomfortable for many women. You may be ramming her cervix and that why deep penetration is often discouraged when you want to get the best of this position. Keep your thrusts shallow and short, instead of deep and fast, and this will stimulate the most sensitive part of her vagina.

Legs to head

It is obvious why every man is a huge fan of this sex position. It also works just fine for many women, but there is a reason why it’s not a favorite for all.
In this position, the woman gets on her back as you push her legs back to her head or behind her ears. Good luck not receiving fart right on your face. Unless the London Escort you’re dealing with is a masochist (or a gymnast) who enjoys being squashed in half like a suitcase, this position can leave her feeling a little bit objectified.

Reverse cowgirl

Although it may seem sexy and adventurous, it’s hard for your woman to climax like that—and things might not fit the way you think they should. It all trickles down to the angle of her vagina, not coinciding with the curvature of your penis.


The last sex position on the list is Missionary. It’s a hot sex position if you’re seeking real connection and intimate eye contact. However, this position leaves the clitoris out of the equation. If you’re yearning for some intimacy and want to give your London escort great orgasm at the same time, try to put a pillow beneath her hips. This will shift the angle and make clitoral contact easier for both of you.

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