4-Week Nutrition w/ Monthly Check-In

$99.00 / month

4-Week Nutrition Plan w/ Monthly – $99 value

This is a great option for someone who has been successful with the weekly check-ins and is ready advance to a more independent approach but would still appreciate some accountability once/month.

This option is identical to the weekly-checkin plan, except for the fact that the check-ins are once/month instead of weekly.

A 4-week customized nutrition plan based on your goals, body composition and lifestyle.

  • Your choice of meal plan or custom macros (based off foods you like to eat)
  • 24/7 coaching via email, Skype or phone.
  • Monthly check-ins and adjustments via phone or in person (if local)
  • Access to my exclusive email list for clients including diet tips, tricks, recipes, motivation and educational guidance.

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