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4 Weeks to Stronger Abs



This eBook is a 4-week ab program that includes training for 6 days/week with 4 different ab exercises per day. The program starts off with lower sets and reps and increases in volume as the weeks go on. To complete the entire workout, you’ll want to allow yourself 45 min of focused training time, but you can simply reduce the number of sets if short on time or prefer not to do the full amount of volume.

This program is designed to be for both, the beginner and the advanced gym-goer as each movement can be easily scaled by reducing the number of sets and reps. Whether your goal is for aesthetics or performance, this program is guaranteed to challenge you and your midline each and everyday.

Don’t be fooled, you CANNOT out-train a bad diet; to get optimal results from your training and achieve that 6-pack you’ve always dreamed of, you MUST master healthy eating. So be sure to have your diet dialed in your (or let me help you), so we can get you to the leanness you need to be for your abs to show.

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