DETERMINATION: CrossFit-Bodybuilding Hybrid Shred Program


Determination: CrossFit-Bodybuilding Hybrid Training Program

Bodybuilding makes you shredded. CrossFit builds power, agility and endurance.

Now, imagine what you would get if you combined the two: taking the intensity and variance from CrossFit used to maximize athleticism and added the old, reliable exercises bodybuilders employ to maximize aesthetics?

The answer: This hybrid program, which promises to get you into the best condition of your life— toned, lean, and explosive — in just four weeks flat.

Get shredded with this 4-week program that gives you all the tools to build a lean physique as well as a well-rounded strength and conditioning skillset.

What You'll Get:
– 4 week progressive overload strength program
– 4 strength movements with focus on particular body bart
– One ab workout each day
– One HIIT/CrossFit workout per day
– Recommended low intensity cardio program (to supplement additional fat loss)
– Nutrition meal plan (I tell you exactly what and how much to eat)
– Personal Nutrition and Training Tips

One week consists of 5 training days, 1 active recovery day and 1 full rest day. Each training day includes 4 strength movements, 1 core exercise and 1 conditioning/cardio workout per day. The days are split as: Quads, Back, Shoulders, Arms, and Hams.

The ultimate goal is to get a full body strength and conditioning workout for the average gym-goer looking to improve their overall fitness, has an itch for varied CrossFit-inspired workouts, and wants to lose body fat.

Typical gym equipment needed to complete this program includes: barbell, plates, squat rack, kettle bells, dumbbells, rower, and bike. Although there are no olympic lifts in the program, Determination is not ideal for the beginner as some basic lifting knowledge will be required.


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