U.S. Open Powerlifting Training- Week 2 in Review

Week 2 of training powerlifting and bodybuilding went a lot better performance-wise than week 1. I finally figured out how to train both sports while managing to get just enough recovery to hit the gym hard the next day.

My routine typically goes like this:

5-7am: Work from home

7am: Leave for powerlifting gym, eat breakfast on the way

8-11am: Powerlifting training- I start with a core piece, then go into my squats, bench and deadlifts.

11-1p: Eat/recover/computer work

1p: Drive to athletic club

2p: Eat again

230-4p: Train bodybuilding: legs, delts/tris, or back/bis

4p: Head home

415-7p: Eat; prep food for next day, computer work

730p: Bed

Mondays are my hardest days because its my knee wrap day, and thus, my heaviest day. Squatting with wraps is absolutely exhausting and extremely time-consuming. It literally takes me 2 hours to get through 7 sets of singles or doubles on my squats! The fatigue is unlike what I’ve experienced through CrossFit,  bodybuilding, or any other sport. It honestly feels like I’m getting hit by a train 7 times in a row- sounds crazy I know, and maybe its because I’m still not quite used to the wraps, but every time those wraps go on, my body goes through complete shock for a good 5 minutes. It sucks the life out of me   and by the end of my single or double squat, I just feel like collapsing on the floor.

Despite the fatigue associated with wrap days, my progress in the lifts is going just as planned. This week, I worked up to an easy 330# back squat, 200# bench, and 330# deadlift. Based off how those lifts felt, I am confident that I will be able to hit my goal total of 365-215-365 on meet day. Three more weeks of hard training should do the job (hopefully).

Although my powerlifting numbers have been progressing, my show prep has not been going all that great (check out my YouTube videos to see/hear my frustrations). For the past 5 out of 7 weeks of prep, my bodyweight has remained unchanged despite the reduction in calories and increases in cardio. Because the plateau was lasting so long, I started to think that maybe I had some metabolic damage left over from my last show. When my coach agreed and brought up the point that we may have to cancel the show, I was extremely frustrated and upset that all my hard work and sacrifices over the past 4 months was a waste.

I told myself I’d give it a few more days and try a few more things to see if my body would respond. I drank magnesium glycerinate for digestion, started taking Ashwaghanda for stress, and I started to incorporate a trip to the Steam Room to relax and focus on my breathing. Unfortunately, none of those things seemed to make an immediate difference.

On the other hand, when I woke up on Saturday morning, my bodyweight was about 2-3 pounds lower than it had been! Something happened and I honestly think it was a result of time than any of the other changes I had made. Turns out that this type of “chunking fat loss” is pretty common among women, whereas men typically have more a linear fat loss progression. I honestly think that my body just needed time to respond to the changes and once it did, it did in a big way.

So, as of now, the show is still on the prep continues for both, the US Open Powerlifting and Jr Nationals Physique. I’m anticipating the next 2 weeks will be pretty brutal with calories continuing to decrease and intensity increasing in my lifts. Recovery will be key this next week.

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