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1-Year Nutrition Coaching


1-Year Nutrition Coaching-$1068 PIF

The best value I offer, at just $99/month.

A 1-year customized nutrition protocol based on your:

  • Experience level
  • Lifestyle
  • Training style (CrossFit, Physique, CF-Bodybuilding hybrid, Powerlifting, etc)
  • Schedule
  • Goals

Whether for health, function, physique, competition or all of the above, my coaching plans are developed specifically for you to fit your lifestyle.

Although I am in touch with you nearly everyday (usually via text), an official over-the-phone check-in will occur weekly and adjustments will be made as needed.

All of my clients have access to me 24/7 via email, phone or Skype.

This option is perfect for someone who has some serious goals with the patience and discipline to achieve them.

* 1-year option must be paid in full up front

You can guarantee that I will work my butt off for you to get you to become the person you want to be, and so much more. No other coach out there will give you the same value that I will provide … I can promise you that!

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2 reviews for 1-Year Nutrition Coaching

  1. 5 out of 5

    I have had never used an on line coach before I worked with Natalie, hell i had never worked with a personal trainer at all. I had trained martial arts, yoga, hiked, Crossfit, little bit of swimming, (you know jack of all, master of none) throughout my 20’s, as well as having an 8 year old.I had just had a baby when I found Natalie online. Something about her instantly spoke to me. Her drive and tom boy attitude was right up my alley. I hired her for 90 days both nutrition and SandC, and loved every min of it. I had 50 lbs of baby fat to loose and wanted off asap. I got all my questions answered when asked, I got put in my place when needed, I felt like i truly go trained on the nutrition part (where I needed to most help), I constantly got new movements for me to put in my bag, I had fun and can say I made a friend. Not to mention I met my goal of losing all my baby weight by the end of the 90 days.. Even if I did eat a little more food while nursing.

    I was so motivated by her that I couldn’t help but want to check out this other trainer I’ed been looking into on line, right after… It was a completely different experience. The other woman I worked with are also extremely knowledgeable. I just never go the attention I needed, and now expected, as i did from Natalie.

    She is great and I cannot wait to work with her again.

  2. 5 out of 5

    My experiences with trainers over the years has been, on and off, numerous until i found crossfit, at which time i drank the Paleo Kool-Aid and threw myself full blown to the Paleo diet. What i discovered was that although i lost some body fat, i also noticed i was getting a bit softer and more injury prone (diet or poor form, who knows); In any case, I also started following Natalie and her successes at crossfit. Fast forward to September when Natalie started her new quest, and began offering personal remote nutrition and fitness coaching.
    My wife and I immediately signed up; my goal was to lean down a few pounds, but put on some additional muscle.
    Natalie put a nutrition and lifting program together to help with these goals and I followed them closely and the results began to show almost immediately. I at first leaned down a few pounds, and then began to gain some muscle mass. What I was finding was that i was eating more protein and carbs and increasing my calories. My body began to change and my energy seemed to be increasing. We monitored a lot with a body fat caliper (i don’t think we used it properly), and found body fat dropping over the 3 month period. Moving away from Paleo allowed seemed to be giving my body a boost.
    Natalie is always available to answer questions and is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and strength training. Most of the programming she gave me were things she was doing herself in the gym.
    Finally, Natalie not only documents her successes, she also is honest and up front about some of her failures (see her blog post about post competition eating). This honestly and real life experiences helped with the set backs and failure i myself had during the 3 month process.
    Natalie is truly a great athlete, person and motivator. She and I will be working again soon.

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