Body Fat Analysis


Whether you’re an athlete or completely new to exercise, finding out how your body carries muscle, fat, and bone can give you a starting point. Having these numbers can help you and your trainer establish targeted goals and measurable results. And knowing more about your body composition provides a more comprehensive picture than what a scale or your BMI can tell you. If your weight on the scale is the same or higher after several months of dedicated exercise and healthy eating, you might be concerned, but body fat testing might reveal that you’ve shed pounds of body fat and added pounds of muscle – a major accomplishment!

Body fat will be measured by me using the skin fold caliper method.

I will pinch several sites on the client’s body (including back, chest, armpit, oblique, bellybutton, and quad), and measure the skinfold thickness, recording measurements in millimeters. The results are compared to a chart of norms by age and gender.

To ensure accuracy, measurements should be:

  • measured by the same person every time
  • taken first thing in the morning (after bathroom ritual and before eating or drinking anything)

Note: I will need access to your back, chest and quad area so please wear shorts and plan on taking your shirt off. Measurements will be conducted in privacy.





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