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Macros 101 Seminar – FREE!


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Join me in a FREE 1-hour lecture where I talk all things nutrition! I will be discussing what the heck a macro is, why its important to measure and reach particular set of macros, the difference between various diets (paleo, keto, meal plans, flexible dieting, etc) and which is the best for you. We will review why diets typically and fail and how dieting over and over can ultimately leave you fatter. We will also discuss when and why meal timing is important and which supplements should you be taking. Plus much more- bring your questions and I’ll have answers based off my own research and personal experience.

This seminar is totally free to you and your friends and family. Nutrition is my passion and I’m here simply to empower you all with the right information so that you can make the best choices when it comes to your personal goals.

At the end of the clinic, I will be opening up a handful of slots for 1-on-1 nutrition coaching.


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