March 2017 Topic: My Top 4 Lessons on How to Be Resilient Lesson 2: Get Good at Problem-Solving

March 2017 Topic: My Top 4 Lessons on How to Be Resilient
Lesson 2: Get Good at Problem-Solving

It’s inevitable: everyone falls down from time to time — it’s just that some are better than others at getting back up.

Being one of the smallest competitors in the CrossFit field, my biggest challenge was moving heavy loads (objects or barbells) quickly. Although my strength was always my biggest weakness, my heart to succeed was my greatest asset. I believed so much in myself that every time I ran head on into a challenge or obstacle, it was my mission to deconstruct the challenge and solve the problem.

When my job as a hydrologic technician was not conducent to training for the Games, I quit my reliable government job and opened up my own gym so that I had the ability to train full-time.

When I ruptured two discs in my back during training, I had to take a step back and prioritize my core strength and physical therapy so that it would never happen again.

When my strength numbers plateaued, I moved to a bed-bug infested apartment in Ohio in order to work with one of the best strength coaches in the world.

When I needed to see where my fitness level was at compared to the rest of the field, I was wiling to use whatever little money I had in my bank account to travel across the country and train with the best athletes in the world.

When I started facing anxiety and mental breakdowns during training, I hired a sports psychologist to help me with my mindset.

Today, when I look back and wonder how I made it as far as I did, I realize that with each problem I faced, I sought out a solution to that problem. It were these problem-solving skills that allowed me to inch my step closer to my goals. My recommendation to you would be to solve the problem at hand by breaking it into little mini problems/goals and chip away at them one at a time. By anticipating that the problems will be there and not being afraid to attack them, then you wont get so knocked down when they arise because you have built up the confidence to handle whatever situation may come your way. Having strong problem-solving skills will allow you to accomplish smaller short term goals and ultimately keep you motivated to keep persevering towards your bigger vision.

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